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    French doors or garden doors are made on glass panels with a wooden frame that separate panels from each other. We produce the best French doors in Canada. Garden doors are usually used for patios or terraces, and they add style to your interior and the outside look of your house. They are also sometimes used to separate rooms in the house. The biggest part of the door is glass panels. Thanks to this quality Winnipeg French doors let a lot of light into the house.


    Although French patio doors are functional, they also add aesthetic value to the house. For example, if your garden door connects a kitchen and a patio, then these two spaces are more connected. If you install a French door on the balcony in the bedroom, then you will have more space and light in the room.


    The French doors price at SmartTech is reasonable, and you will be able to afford adding more style to your interior and making your house filled with light. We also provide the best garden doors replacement windows in case one of yours was broken.

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    We provide an easy, worry-free experience by standing behind our work and backing it with the best warranty in the business. Here’s why consumers chose us:

    They provide more daylight thanks to contoured external and internal profile.

    Dual-level locking handle provides additional security.

    Convenient adjustable hinge system.

    Additional weather protection thanks to high-density polycell gasket.

    Better and more comfortable viewing area thanks to unique window construction.

    Great insulation due to the polyurethane window frame.

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