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Open Your Eyes to the Many Possibilities of Doors

It is one of the first things that visitors to your home see and is, therefore, an important focal point. In addition, doors provide security and protection from the elements. These factors make choosing the right door for your home an important decision. It pays to research the types of doors available, the different purposes they serve, and how they can be applied to your home and needs.  SmartTech Windows is here to help you make the right decision!


Doors can be made out of various types of materials to suit your home’s design or the local environmental conditions. A classic wooden door can give your home a rustic look while tall, painted fiberglass embossed doors can lend your home an elegant appearance. Glass doors can let you enjoy the view of your backyard from the comfort of your home and can illuminate an entire room while dual doors can open up an entire room and extend the available space.


The material used to construct your door will dictate how it’s to be maintained. Wood doors will require protection against the elements (such as staining) to keep them in good condition for many years. Meanwhile, fiberglass doors often require only a quick wash with the garden hose to keep them looking their best.

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