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    Double hung windows are, first of all, chosen for their elegant and unusual design, which perfectly fits any modern interior. They stand out nicely from traditional windows that you can see everywhere. The sashes of the window are functional and open on hinges. They move up and down and provide air flow on different sides of the window. You can choose to open any of the sashes or both.

    Winnipeg double hung windows are easy to clean on all sides while you stay inside your house. In winter and cold months, the windows are airtight and energy efficient, which is essential for saving your budget. You can order clear glass double-pane windows, Low-E glass windows or triple-pane windows.

    Double hung open Windows


    We provide an easy, worry-free experience by standing behind our work and backing it with the best warranty in the business. Here’s why consumers chose us:

    They provide more daylight thanks to contoured external and internal profile.

    Dual-level locking handle provides additional security.

    Convenient adjustable hinge system.

    Additional weather protection thanks to high-density polycell gasket.

    Better and more comfortable viewing area thanks to unique window construction.

    Great insulation due to the polyurethane window frame.

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