Outdoor Fun With Kids in Winnipeg, MB |
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Outdoor Fun With Kids in Winnipeg, MB

Many beautiful destinations and attractions can provide excellent outdoor fun for you and your kids in Winnipeg. While it may seem overwhelming to decide which one to choose, you can get ideas from some of these fantastic spots. More can be found here.

Enjoy Yourself at the Festival of Fools

The Festival of Fools is where you can be if you want to laugh out your heart! They hold this festival towards the end of March every year at The Forks. As a link up with spring break, this free family event is the ideal activity that will get your kids laughing aloud. Learn more about Outdoor Destinations in Winnipeg, MB.

Royal Canadian Mint

You may not know this, but the Royal Canadian Mint offers a friendly tour in French and English. The tour includes walking you through their newly renovated facility.

Experience FortWhyte Alive

There are several attractions and exhibits happening at FortWhyte Alive that you will enjoy, even during winter. You will love their cross-country skiing trails, Winter ice skating rinks, Tipi Encampment, and the 7km of trails.

Visit the Sherbrook Indoor Pool

Getting your family together for an evening of swimming is always a good time. Winnipeg offers one of the indoor pools that you can try. Getting into one of the hot tubs and escaping the cold is the best part.

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