Outdoor Adventures in Winnipeg, MB |
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Outdoor Adventures in Winnipeg, MB

You will learn when you visit Winnipeg that you have will plenty of fun things to do without getting bored. You can see different museums, parks, theaters, sports centers, and more. The city also has some of the best outdoor destinations around. Visit this link for more information.

Enjoy a City Walking Tour

One of the best means to see the city is walking tours. You can get some exercise as the local guide gives you the scoop on a specific destination. Fortunately, Winnipeg is like some cities as it has walking tours you can use. The best part is that these tours are inexpensive and excellent means of learning more about the city’s history and its many fun facts and quirks. You can even go online for a guided tour of the Exchange District. There are guides you can use for your walking tour. Read about Kid-Friendly Activities in Winnipeg, MB here.

Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Center

Visit Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Center if you love animals. You will find some of Manitoba’s local species in this center. The interpretive center offers many options for padding in the marsh areas and more than 30 kilometers of trails around the site; you can have a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in some of Winnipeg’s most fascinating ecosystems. 

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