Kid-Friendly Activities in Winnipeg, MB |
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Kid-Friendly Activities in Winnipeg, MB

Do you visit Winnipeg with your little ones? If you do, you are in a good place for kid activities. Manitoba’s capital city has many family-friendly destinations that will create a memorable experience for your kids. Winnipeg, MB can be seen here.

Embrace the Summer Arts and Culture Events

The younger children can immerse themselves in theater, music, and art through the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival. This event provides a hands-on opportunity for them to conduct science experiments, make crafts, and try out instruments. The upcoming Winnipeg Folk Festival is a must-see for everyone. The festival is focused on children and families with events like storytime, children’s performers, and arts and crafts. There is also a designated camping spot with quieter hours for families at Birds Hill Park. If you are in Winnipeg in July, you will want to see this unique performance and programming dedicated to younger audiences at Manitoba Theater for Young People. Click here to read about Great Outdoor Pools in Winnipeg, MB.

Indulge in an Ice Cream Sundae

Your visit to Winnipeg is not complete without stopping by at Bridge Drive-In to indulge yourself and your loved ones with a fantastic time. You can have massive signature treats like The Sleeping Beauty and The Goog special, apart from the infamous hot fudge and creamy milkshakes. Just note that summer comes with long lineups. However, remember that it is worth the wait.

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