Great Outdoor Pools in Winnipeg, MB |
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Great Outdoor Pools in Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg has some of the best outdoors that you can cannonball into, whether solo or with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you have no advanced skills in swimming; these pools can serve in many different ways. Information can be found here.

Norwood Outdoor Pool

You will find Norwood Outdoor Pool at 87Walmar Street, Winnipeg, and you love this outdoor pool if you are a little swimmer. You can allow your little ones to swoosh down into your arms by using the small slide. They can also have endless snorkeling, swimming, and Marco Polo in the big kid’s pool. Just ensure that you pack plenty of water goggles and toys. They can also splash and kick to their hearts’ desire at the shaded toddler paddle pool. See here for information about Fun and Educational Things Kids Can Do in Winnipeg, MB.

Freighthouse Outdoor Pool

Your children will be in awe of the dragon when you take them to this outdoor spot. Well, it is not a real dragon. However, they will find it pretty awesome. Part of the splash pad is the massive water-breathing dragon. They can try out the pool when they are done splashing and splishing. 

Westdale Outdoor Pool

You will find some notable upgrades in this newly refurbished pool to keep your tots safe. Young ones can have the shallow-end beach entry, and if you have older kids, they can take a deep-end climbing wall. They can spray pad and wade pad with plenty of room to play.

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