Fun and Educational Things Kids Can Do in Winnipeg, MB |
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Fun and Educational Things Kids Can Do in Winnipeg, MB

There are so many kid-friendly activities and attractions you will enjoy when you visit Winnipeg. As a city without a shortage of fun things to see or do, you will have difficulty figuring out which beautiful destination to go to. Here are a few ideas for you. Learn information about Winnipeg, MB.  

Enjoy a Cinnamon Bun to Sweeten Your Soul

Nothing comes close to having freshly baked cinnamon buns on a frosty January morning! Winnipeg has several renowned spots where you can grab this sticky treat. Discover facts about Fun Activities in Winnipeg, MB.

Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library

Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library has more than 10,000 artifacts in its collection, and your little ones can take craft workshops. With this, they can learn, explore, and get creative. 

Watch a Movie by Spending the Night Together

Watching a movie with your family with a big bowl of popcorn in your pajamas is one of the best moments. Get the children and everyone in the holiday spirit by choosing a classic Christmas movie.

Explore the Winnipeg Police Museum

The Winnipeg Police Museum is excellent for your little ones will enjoy exploring. They can see some police equipment on display like a jail cell, a renovated 1925 REO Patrol Wagon, record books, weapons, and handcuffs. A guided tour will take around the place.

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