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The biggest benefit of double slider windows in Manitoba is improved ventilation: you can open the window on both sides, or decide whether you prefer to use left or right side. The best double slider windows can be installed in any room, which needs excellent ventilation. They are especially great for a kitchen. Because you can open one or both sides of the window, you are the one who controls the air flow in the house. Even though these windows can be open all the way, they are very thermally secure.


Double slider windows Canada have an Insta-Lok shoe that allows the sash to slide from side to side along the whole window length.


We provide an easy, worry-free experience by standing behind our work and backing it with the best warranty in the business. Here’s why consumers chose us:

They provide more daylight thanks to contoured external and internal profile.

Dual-level locking handle provides additional security.

Convenient adjustable hinge system.

Additional weather protection thanks to high-density polycell gasket.

Better and more comfortable viewing area thanks to unique window construction.

Great insulation due to the polyurethane window frame.

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